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US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)                                                                              Veteran Enterprise Contracting for Transformation and Operational Readiness (VECTOR)

BluePath won a ten (10) year, $25 billion dollar IDIQ prime contract with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for its newest enterprise IDIQ, Veteran Enterprise Contracting for Transformation and Operational Readiness (VECTOR). VECTOR is 10 year multiple award IDIQ contract (5 year base with a 5 year option).


BluePath will be provide services as they related to studies and analyses and information and records management, as outlined below for Group 2 – Analysis . Studies/Surveys

  • Provide studies as they relate to staffing, evaluation, human resources, organization, leadership, efficiency, effectiveness, gap analyses, organization development, and emergency preparedness. 
  • These services may include management analyses, including organizational studies that specifically assess and analyze current organization states and management systems and perform gap analyses of differences between current and targeted states, including findings and recommendations, return of investment analysis conducting surveys, focus groups, and other accepted techniques for data collection in support of organization studies that specifically assess and analyze current organization states and management systems. Statistical and Actuarial Analysis

  • Evaluate, recommend, design, and develop solutions to compile, evaluate, analyze, control, secure, and disseminate timely, relevant, objective, and accurate data and information to VA and VA stakeholders, including web-based designs, operational systems, document storage, applications, models, and assessment of existing legacy systems. Management Analysis

  • Conduct organizational studies and evaluations, design systems and procedures, conduct work simplification and measurement studies, and prepare operations and procedures manuals to assist management in operating more efficiently and effectively. Records Information Management

  • Conduct the proper practice of life cycle managing and editing the records of a VA entity.  These services may include the digitization of hard records to electronic media, disposition of records, and storage of records in accordance with specific regulations. Financial and Business Performance Auditing

  • Conduct independent audits of designated programs and financial services to ensure compliance of applicable laws and statutes for various VA entities. These services may include pre-audit activities to ensure compliance, adherence to Generally Accepted Governmental Auditing Standards (GAGAS), and attestation engagements.

Small Business Administration(SBA) 8(a) Sole Source Vehicle

The SBA 8(a) Business Development Program is a business assistance program for small disadvantaged businesses.  This problem enables entrepreneurs to gain a foothold in government contracting and create economic opportunities. BluePath was certified by the SBA on 19 December 2016 due to our financial viability, outstanding past performance and capabilities, and demonstrated leadership.


BluePath can now receive sole-source contracts up to a ceiling of $4 million for goods and services and $6.5 million for manufacturing. 8a firms are also able to form joint ventures and teams to bid on contracts. BluePath Labs is a SBA certified 8(a) firm until December 19, 2025.  


The SBA 8(a) Sole Source Vehicle:

  • Enables agencies to award an 8(a) contract within days with a simple statement of work.
  • Allows agencies to negotiate best-value prices directly with the firm. 

D.C. DSLBD Research & Analysis/MOBIS IDIQ Vehicle

BluePath Labs was awarded in May 2017 a five (5) year, $3.5million IDIQ for research, analysis, and MOBIS servies. This vehicle also allows for any Federal Agency to utilize this vehicle and purchase at contract prices in accordance with contracting terms. 


The DSLBD IDIQ vehicle:

  • Simplifies contract lead time to a few days. 
  • Provides flexibility for wide range of consulting services. 

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Sole Source Vehicle

BluePath Labs is a VCE certified SDVOSB and is registered in the Vendor Information Pages (VIP) database. 


The SDVOSB Sole Source Vehicle:

  • Enables agencies to engage in direct buy contracts with SDVOSB contractors.
  • Provides agencies a simplified, efficient, and low-cost acquisition proceess while increasing SDVOSB participation.

NATO Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA)

BluePath's NATO BOA can be used by any NATO member government or agency. Partnership for Peace (PFP) countries may also be eligible. The NATO BOA covers all aspects of BluePath’s expertise and capabilities.


The NATO BOA vehicle offers:

  • Unlimited period of performance
  • No contract ceiling.
  • Contracting time to obtain services typically a few weeks or less.  

DC Supply Schedule

BluePath currently holds three (3) DCSS contracts:

  • IT Schedule 70
  • Mission-Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)
  • Temporary Support Services


  • The DC Supply Schedule (DCSS), which was established in 2002, is the city's multiple-award schedule for providing commercial products and services to District government agencies.
  • Competitive contracts are awarded to hundreds of suppliers who can provide thousands of products and services to meet recurring needs of these government agencies. Government acquisition personnel (from DC and other jurisdictions in the region) may place task orders or purchase orders against the schedule following DCSS procedures.
  • DC Office of Contracting and Procurement developed the DCSS, which is similar to the General Services Administration (GSA) multiple-award program, to assist in streamlining the purchase process.

Commercial Price List

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