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BluePath Prime Contract Vehicles

Whether you are a DC Government or Federal Agency, contracting with BluePath is easy. 

  • Federal Government clients can easily and quickly contract with us through the 8(a) business development program or through our growing list of contract vehicles listed below.  
  • Likewise, D.C. Government Agencies have a variety of contracting options including our District wide DSLBD sponsored research and analysis consulting contract or through a host of DCSS schedules.
  • Commercial clients can access our services via our commercial price list.
  • Additional discounts are available through any of our contracting vehicles based on quantity, location, incentives, and other business considerations. 
  • For more information, please contact us at 

Federal Contract Vehicles

BluePath is an 8(a) and VA/CVE verified Service Disabled Veteran Owened Small Business(SDVOSB).

BluePath's federal prime contract vehicles include the following:

US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) 

Veteran Enterprise Contracting for Transformation and Operational Readiness (VECTOR):

Service Group 2 - Studies and Analysis

  • Period of Performance: Ten (10) years until 2027
  • Ceiling: $25 Billion
  • Eligibility: Any VA organization
  • Scope:
    • ​​​Studies/Surveys
    • Statistical and Actuarial Analysis
    • Management Analysis
    • Records Information Management
    • Financial and Business Performance Auditing
  • ​Advantages: VA strategic sourcing vehicle for management consulting services enables rapid acquisition of services from a highly-vetted pool of pre-qualified VA verified SDVOSB consulting companies from across the country. 

SBA 8(a) Sole Source Vehicle 

  • Period of Performance: Nine (9) years until December 2025
  • Ceiling: Each contract award up to $4M-$6.5M depending on the requirement
  • Eligibility: Any government organization
  • Scope: Varies based on requirement(s)
  • ​Advantages: Ability to directly negotiate and rapidly award (2 weeks) sole source contracts through SBA sponsored 8(a) disadvantaged business development program. BluePath is also an SDVOSB so agencies get both SDB and SDVOSB credit on each award. 

BluePath 8(a) Contracting Process


NATO Basic Ordering Agreement  

  • Period of Performance: Unlimited
  • Ceiling: Unlimited 
  • Eligibility: Any NATO member government or agency
  • Scope: Varies based on requirement(s)
  • Advantages: Contracting time to obtain services typically a few weeks or less. Non-FAR based. 

District of Columbia Contract Vehicles

BluePath is a CBE/SBE eligible for twelve (12) preference points on certain D.C. procurements.

BluePath's D.C. prime contracting vehicles include the following:

  • D.C. DSLBD Research, Analysis, and MOBIS IDIQ Vehicle
    • Period of Performance: Until May 2022
    • Ceiling: $3.5M
    • Eligibility: Any D.C. or Federal Agency
    • Advantages: Contracting time to obtain services a few weeks or less. Small group of highly-vetted contractors including CBE/SBEs. 
  • DC IT Supply Schedule
  • DC MOBIS Supply Schedule
  • DC Temporary Support Services Supply Schedule

Commercial Contract Vehicles

BluePath's commercial price list is available here.

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